Thursday, May 17, 2012

Witty Conversationalist

Much like his parents, Nate has been blessed with the gift of conversation. He is stringing together more words and thoughts all the time and it's so fun to hear what goes on in his funny little head. Some popular topics of conversation lately: what he saw on his bike ride that day, wanting to go see Mitt Romney in the car (I really have no idea where he got that idea), superheroes, people he knows, Cat in the Hat, and the texture of our ceiling. Here is one of our recent chats:

Last year there were about five months were we didn't hear his little voice at all.  It took a long time for his voice to come back after he got his trach and we were getting worried that it wouldn't come back at all.  Nate's constant blabbing has always been a big part of his personality so we were so happy when he finally started talking again.  His voice and his vocabulary are getting stronger all the time and we love it!


  1. I think that hearing your child learn to talk is a real joy of being a mom. I liked it when Nate told me about his penguin flying. I didn't even have to ask! That was awesome.

  2. I can't wait till I hear him say hi Katie!! Prep him! :)