Sunday, December 27, 2015

Thankful for....

This was the song Nate's kindergarten class learned and performed for Thanksgiving.  I know the video is one holiday behind but I think it's more appropriate now than during Thanksgiving.

I can't tell which hand motion is my favorite, the New York Statue of Liberty or the writhing hands Gulf Stream waters.

For the first time ever, in his 5 years of life, Nathaniel was HEALTHY for Christmas. Last year was a near worst case scenario for what could happen on Christmas but this year was pretty close to the best case scenario.

We worked SO hard to keep Nate healthy during the lead up to Christmas.  We were desperate to have at least one Christmas that Nate, and us, could enjoy without the specter of sickness looming over everything, sapping our emotional reserves and keep us up all night for weeks.

This year, it happened.  Nate promptly fell ill the day after Christmas with some sort of stomach bug because #life but for the first time in his life, he was healthy on Christmas and Christmas Eve and it was wonderful.

So for that, we are happy and thankful. 

More on Christmas next week.