Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This is Halloween

Halloween happened this year and Nate was super into it.  Last year he liked dressing up but was largely indifferent to everything else involved with Halloween. Everything except the barking dogs that seemed to be waiting behind every door he trick-or-treated at.  He didn't like that at all.
This year, from the get-go he was super into:
1. His costume.
2. Candy.
As odd as that seems Nate was all about getting candy this year.  Especially once we gave him the mandate to find our favorite candies. He was like a candy blood hound.

Halloween involved multiple activities this year.  The first was the ward trunk or treat.  We decorated the inside of our van and deployed the ramp like last year.  This way kids could walk into our haunted van.  Nathaniel was not satisfied until we visited every car.  Which surprised me since he doesn't even eat the candy....but also meant that the parent candy tax was at a full 100%. 

Halloween day brought trick-or-treating downtown Los Altos.  Annie and Nate were lucky enough to find themselves downtown the one time it rained this year.  Nate loved it....don't know about Annie.

Nate's pumpkins this year were Curious George and triangle face.
And the costume.  Nate wanted to wear his Luke Skywalker costume all the time.  He was out of his mind excited about being Luke.  He was the only Luke in a sea of Anakins and Obi Wans. 
The best thing about this picture is Nate would not look at the camera.  So every time we told Nate to look at the camera he would turn his head to the side and glance over at us.  It must of have been some sort of Jedi mind trick.
This year's Green family theme was Luke Skywalker visits Hoth and meets the cast of Frozen.

At first, trick-or-treating was a standard affair with a tired Dad pushing a wheelchair up and down steps and driveways but then uncle Chris took over and the running between houses seemed to elate Nate to no end.

He did run into a few of his arch-nemesis -- dogs.  He used his lightsaber to fight them off and is convinced that at one point, he actually used the force on one of the dogs which had reared up and stepped back at the exact moment Nate extended his hand to force push it.

Ouch.  Careful Luke!  Holding a lightsaber anywhere but the hilt could cost you a hand!
Nathaniel was super excited about Halloween this year and had fun doing nearly everything involved with the holiday.  However, I think the best part about the entire thing, is that when Nate decided he wanted to be Luke and we started putting together the costume, he was genuinely convinced that people would actually mistake him for the real Luke Skywalker.

As you can imagine, this made Nate giddy with the prospect of tricking some people and pulling some Halloween mischief.