Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nate has been busy

So what has Nate been up to the last month.  

He had his 3rd Fourth of July.  He thought it was great.  We went to the Los Altos 4th of July extravaganza where Nate got to hear a live band, wave an American flag and get a real close look at a turtle, which he thought was hilarious.  What he didn't think was so hilarious was at the pool party that afternoon....when he took a dive into the pool.

Nate was in his trusty fire engine floaty having a blast when something slipped and suddenly Nate was over the edge of his floaty and completely underwater.  We had always assumed this would be instant drowning for Nate but I yanked him out and (after a panicky moment) despite being completely freaked out he was fine.  So we cleared out his tube, suctioned him and I brought him back in despite his protests.  He ended up loving it.

Nate has also spent some time with cousins.  He loves his cousins.  Sometimes he just loves them a bit too much.

Adorbsies moment of the month was Callie having a walk with Nate outside Grammy's house.  She pushed him a few houses down and back and if we hadn't had to leave they would have wanted to keep at it.

He loves to sit on the bench in the back yard.  He apparently also loves to pretend fish with Callie.  I made him gut his own pretend fish though and that seemed to turn him off the idea.

Nate built and painted a train his Grandpa gave him for his birthday.  He's been asking us to let him paint it for months.

He managed to become not one but TWO superheroes.  I don't know where he finds the time but a kid with SMARD is the perfect secret identity.

He's been busy.