Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sweatin' For Sammy

Yesterday Nate's cousin Sammy had her annual Sweatin' For Sammy fundraiser.  Sammy has a genetic condition called microcephaly (between Sammy's microcephaly, Nate's SMARD, and my red hair we have clearly hit the genetic jackpot).  Sammy inspires me to push Nate beyond what anyone thinks he will be capable of.  She is awesome!

Sammy and her mom, Jenny

I think Nate had a pretty good time at the event.  He was quiet and overwhelmed most of the time, but then spent the entire rest of the day talking about it.  His personal highlight was definitely seeing the firetruck that came for the kids to check out.

He even got to sit inside!

I accidentally had my camera on video mode so you get some motion pictures here.

We also fed the ducks some of the runners' bagels. Yes, feeding the ducks is against park rules but if you had seen the joy on this kid's face you would have done it too. 

Can't wait for next year!

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  1. aw, well, we'll definitely make sure the fire trucks are there again next year...just for Nate!:) And now, it's on to working on something for the little man (I may need a week or 2 to rest up, but he's next!)