Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Crook Now!

Nate is old enough to be forming some strong opinions about what he likes and doesn't like. And what Nate has decided he likes now is superheroes!

He has a little board book called Catch That Crook. This is where he learned about superheroes. It has little kid versions of Iron Man (I-Mah), Spiderman (Spy-Mah), Captain America (Cap) and Hawkeye (Hot Dog) who go around catching bad guys for doing things like messing up library books. I guess the good versus evil thing really resonates with him because he is OBSESSED with this book. He calls it "Crook" and all day long we hear, "Crook now! Crook now!"

Iron Man

he makes a good pillow
Spiderman toothbrush, great toy until we actually try to brush his teeth with it

Here is Nate telling us about all his friends.


  1. How fun to hear Nate talk about his Superfriends! He sure knows them, doesn't he!? So cute!

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  3. natey! you are the cutest superhero i know!!! xoxoxo