Friday, May 25, 2012

Q & A Part 2

Q: Do you wish you could have more "you time"?

A: 100% yes.  Don't all parents?

Q: Has Nate's condition been a stress in your family or do you think you've grown closer because of it?

A: Both.  There is definitely a lot of stress that comes from the worry and day to day exhaustion but Annie and I have grown closer and more loyal in a way that probably would not have otherwise been possible this early in our marriage.

Q: What are your hopes for the future with Nate?

A: We hope for the same things we hoped for before he got sick.  College, friends, world-crushing good looks. Specifically, we see progress and are still hopeful that he will continue to increase in physical abilities.   We hope to see him needing the vent less and less and moving his legs more and more.

Q: Have you found your health to decline with the stress of Nate's journey so far?

A: Is tiredness a sickness?  I have that.

Q: Do you ever feel like you just need a vacation from all this?

A: Every single day.  Sometimes multiple times a day. 

Q: Why/how is he so stinking cute???!!

A: His cuteness is a gift from God so we don't completely lose it when things get really hard.  Oh, and we had him undergo some radical infant plastic surgery.  Thank you Dr 90210!

Q: What is Nate's activity level during the day. What is he able to do? What keeps Nate entertained?

A: Nate likes the same things that other little boys his age do.  He just needs more help playing and doing things than other kids.  Some of his favorite things are reading, playing with cars, and riding his bike.

He probably sleeps a little more than other kids his age.  He can't move far on his own so often requires frequent immediate attention to help him get to the things he wants.

Q: What's the hardest part of it all?

A: The hardest part is the complete mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion that comes from there being so many hard parts. It's just a lot of hard parts to put all in one blender...we've gone through several blenders.

The best part is that we still have this guy!

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  1. Your honesty about this trying experience is helpful to friends and family - because maybe, in some small way, we might be able to help ease your burden a little through acts of service and loving thoughts.

    My family's thoughts are with you! Nate has the greatest smile!