Monday, May 7, 2012


Nate has recently become BFF with his humidifier.


  1. This kid is seriously the CUTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. He is so darling. Annie and Scott, your family is so beautiful. My sister-in-law, Anna, recently lost her 4-month old son to SIDS. Last week, we read through your blog together and cried. I'm sending a *HUGE* hug and a full heart of love to your family. xoxoxoxo.

  3. Annie,
    You probably don't remember me, but we lived in your home ward for the last 5 years until we moved last summer - I'm also friends with Jenny and Marcus. Your mom led me to your blog and I am completely obsessed. Nate is adorable in every possible way and I am inspired every time you post. His smile is contagious. I'm hoping to be in CA at the very beginning of August and would love to chat with you if possible while there. Sending you, Scott and Nate all the very best!
    ...maren layton

    1. Maren, of course I remember you! Heard you're expecting--congratulations! I would love to have you guys over when you're in town. Just let me know!

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