Monday, May 28, 2012


Traditionally Nate has hated wearing sunglasses.  For a kid who takes personal offense anytime the sun dares to shine in his direction, it's kind of weird.  But until last week, he would rather just close his eyes and scowl at the sun than wear sunglasses. 

Something magical happened while Grandma was watching him while we were on our vacation.  Well, maybe not so much magical as logical but Nate is only two so I don't give him much credit in the logic department.  She brought him out on a walk, waited until his face was in full sun, and then put his sunglasses on so he could see exactly what they were capable of.  Ta-da! 

Now he wants to wear them inside, too.


  1. (giggle) He is so cute in those shades! One stylin' man for sure! Are these pics from today? I was just hoping maybe they are from today and he is better?
    Love, Jan

  2. What a cute little man!!! I hope he is feeling better!

  3. Well -- also he was biking with Tommy who was wearing his sunglasses, so he kept noticing is cool cousin Tommy.

    You forgot to mention that he is just as content to wear them when they have fallen off his nose and are resting on his chin. Also cool.

  4. I wish my daughter would keep on her sunglasses more often!