Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

I've hijacked the regularly programmed post Annie wrote.  We're going to mix it up a bit today.

Annie is amazing.  I thought of different ways to begin this blog post but found the blatant truth the most appropriate.  I've thought about how to express how hard it is to be the mom that Annie is and how good she is at being that mom.  Our life is difficult and Annie is faced everyday, all day with the brunt of that fact.  Inspite of this, the number of people that have heard her complain is the same as the number of people who know where Hoffa is buried.  She is a mother of the purest quality and Nate desperately needs her.  Taking care of Nate is exhausting and trying.  He needs constant attention, extra teaching and a patience beyond my reserve.  Nate brings us immense joy.  He is a sweet boy who has great needs and Annie meets them unwaveringly. 

There have been times of relentless exhaustion.  After a long night or a bad nap, I've seen Annie go from exhausted and frustrated to pure love and joy as soon as she sees Nate's face.  Her love for Nate as his mother is boundless.  It would be easy to describe the extreme difficulty of taking care of a SMARD child but while that shows true dedication and endurance as a parent I think Annie's true excellence and dedication as a mother is best shown by her happy love for her son.

There are so many things I could say about Annie.  She is creative, intelligent, hard-working, funny, patient, if she were a president she would be Baberham Lincoln and so much more.

But most importantly, she is Nate's hero and rock.  Nate will always look back at the incomparable love and support of his mother.  Nate's strength in life WILL be a result of the strength and love of his mother.  Nate will never know how hard it is being his mother because despite the frustration and exhaustion, the face he will always see on his mother will be a smiling one.



  1. Dear Scott,
    What a loving, beautiful tribute to Annie. Thank you for somehow putting into words the love with which she lives her life!
    Much love to all of you,

  2. What a sweet note. All three of you are pretty great. :)

  3. Well said. Nate is blessed to have both of you.

  4. So true. Especially the part about Baberham Lincoln.

  5. Annie really IS amazing. Nate is lucky to have her as a mom.

  6. Scott, that was so sweet. I laughed out loud at your Baberham Lincoln comment!

  7. This post made me cry. What a beautiful bond a mother and child have. It is true and everlasting - the most pure love.

    You are such a remarkable family. I am so inspired by your courage and ability to look forward and make the most of every moment you have with your darling boy.

    Thinking about you!!

  8. Aww that was a very sweet note. You are an amazing mother Annie! And Nate is blessed to have you! And so is Scott!