Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Q & A Part 1

Q: Does your insurance pay for things like Nate's hospital stays, breathing stuff he needs to lug around, tests, etc?

A: We are extremely lucky to be California residents because most of Nate's medical care is paid for by California Children's Services (CCS), which is a government program that helps special needs kids.  Insurance pays for a lot too.  He's an expensive kid.

Q: How much sleep do you get a night?

A: When Nate is healthy, I can get 7 hours.  Scott and I both get up once a night to do some maintenance stuff.  Often it's more than that.  Some nights we hardly sleep at all.  But at minimum, I set an alarm for 1:00am, do my chores, and go right back to sleep.  Scott is used to having to get up.  I find it painful every single time.

Q: Do you have hobbies you like to do that you actually get to do?

A:  Sort of.  It's more a matter of energy than time.  By the time Nate gets to bed and all the must-dos are taken care of, I'm often so wiped out I can't even think of taking on a project.  But when I do have the energy, I still really love to sew, embroider, craft, and dream up ways to make our apartment a little cheerier.

Q: Do you like visitors who aren't family to visit? Or are visitors stressful?

A: I do like it most of the time.  I'm happy anytime Nate gets a chance to socialize, since we're usually pretty isolated.  We have a lot of appointments but I try to make time for at least one (healthy) friend or cousin to come over every week.

Q: If you or Scott are sick, what do you do differently with Nate?

A: Let him watch a lot of tv and call Grandma to beg for mercy/babysitting.

I spy an airplane!

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