Sunday, August 12, 2012


Earlier this week I spent a few days with my family in Tahoe. 

We went back and forth about taking Nate up there but decided it wasn't a good idea this year.  So Scott offered to stay home and watch Nate while I took a break from real life and spent all day swimming and eating Jo-Jos.  He is the best husband on the planet.

While I was gone, Nate just sat around waiting for me to come back.

Actually, it sounds like he didn't care at all that I was gone which makes me feel even better about my decision to go.  He visited Grandpa Green's office...

And the toy store...

And rocked out on a Nate-sized piano.

This vacation was as close to a necessity for me as a vacation could be.  Even though I missed Scott and Nate a lot, having three whole days to relax and not look at a piece of medical equipment did my soul good.  And don't worry, I'm going to return the favor to Scott when he goes on his own retreat next month.


  1. No doubt you were probably needing this! Good for you!

  2. and, boy, did we love having you with us!

  3. YES! Thank you Scott for being a great and giving guy! We missed you and Nate, but it was great to have Annie, thanks to you!