Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Today I decided to try out watercolors with Nate.  I wasn't sure how this was going to go over since he has issues with most everything wet and/or messy.  He does love to color though, so I figured I had a fighting chance. 
Turns out Nate was born to paint.  Check out this masterpiece he made on his first attempt.

He thought the whole process of dipping the paintbrush in water and then picking a paint color was fantastic.

Eventually he discovered finger painting, both on paper and his own body.  He thought it was so fun he didn't even mind the mess or the bath that followed.


PS Have I ever mentioned Nate can take some really horrible pictures?


  1. What a little prodigy! So cute, Annie. What a great discovery!
    Shan :)

  2. Oh, so sweet! Have you heard of the paint in the ziplock bag? You could also use mustard or ketchup. Put a thin layer in a large ziplock and make sure it's sealed tight. You can "draw" and "paint" but in reverse (m,eaning it leaves a negative space). You can make shapes, etc. without any mess. It's easier on Mom and kids who have tactile issues really seem to like it.

  3. Wow Annie, that first one IS a masterpiece! Totally frame-worthy. I love that he can paint himself and enjoy it. That is awesome. I wish that we lived closer. I could be Nate's weekly art buddy!

  4. gorgeous work nate! can greta come over and paint with you? she likes to suck paint and water out of the paintbrush. gross. nate will have to show her how it's really done.