Friday, August 24, 2012

Knock knock

Yesterday I got Nate up from his nap, put him on the bedroom floor to play, and went to the kitchen to get his lunch ready.  While I was out of the room I heard the bedroom door slam.  Then some soft little knocking started.  When I went to check on things, this is what I got.

This started a fantastic game of knock, knock, who's there, Nate, oh hi Nate, where's Nate, etc. etc.  Every time I opened the door for him he'd poke his head out and then slam the door shut.

After awhile I started to worry about the neighbors getting annoyed by all the door slamming so I thought I'd go in and get Nate.  Then I realized I had no way to do that since he was blocking the door.  A few bribes and shoves with the door later, Nate emerged unscathed.

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