Saturday, August 18, 2012


Today we took a family field trip to Ardenwood Farm.  Nate has been to the farm a handful of times and loves seeing all the animals and tractors.  But today he did not care about the goats, pigs, sheep, or cows.  Today he loved only one animal--the peacock that is always wandering aimlessly around the farm.  Nate's mission was clear: find the peacock and follow it wherever it went. 

It started as a stroll in the peacock's general direction and ended in hot pursuit.  At first the peacock didn't seem to mind being followed.  Then it darted off into the bushes trying to get away from us.  When we appeared on the other side of the bushes, it picked up the pace.  Nate was adamant that we not let it get away, so we kept at it.  Eventually the peacock took a stealthy turn into some more bushes and we decided to give the poor thing a break.  When we told Nate it went home to take a nap, it did not go over well. 


  1. That was the saddest little face I've ever seen. I'll be sure to bring him a pet peacock when I come to visit. I cannot handle the cuteness.

  2. Adorable- I love his final plea for the peacock in the second video!!

  3. I think you need to email that sad face to Oprah. She's sure to send him a peacock of his very own! Tragic plea!