Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Tonight I was looking for a way to kill that painful hour that comes everyday between dinnertime and bedtime and had a stroke of brilliance. 

A fort! Nate was totally into it.

Here is Nate insisting that it is actually called a "fork" and totally dismissing the hard work I put in to throwing a sheet over three chairs. 

Of course George was invited to join us.

Bedtime came quicker than usual tonight.  The fort will be making a reappearance again very soon.


  1. Very fun! Forks are always just the thing to cure boredom.

  2. I love that even though Nate and Tommy's bodies are different, their hearts are in the exact same place! we discovered the fort last month (but we call them tents...not so flashy as "Fork(t)"). They also both love George and small cars and planes.