Thursday, August 16, 2012

From the Nate Factory

Nate is a goofy kid.  We've always known this about him but now that he's talking, we're getting more and more of the goofs.  Here is a sampling of what's been coming out of his mouth lately...

  • Today when Scott was getting dressed, Nate said, "No!  Not that shirt.  Different shirt."  Then he made Scott go through all his t-shirts until Nate found one he liked (a Star Wars shirt). 
  • He demanded that I turn on "Payphone" and when I did, he kept saying "Too quiet!  Too quiet!  Too quiet!" until I turned it up nice and loud for him to dance to. 
  • Every night we put a little sensor on Nate's toe to monitor his oxygen and heart rate. This is part of our bedtime routine which Nate knows very well. The other night he reminded me to put the sensor on...
    Nate: Sensor, sensor on toe!
    Mommy: Okay, I'll put it on. Should I put it on your biggest toe or smallest toe?
    Nate: Biggest! (It always goes on his big toe)
    Mommy: Okay, if you say so...
    Nate: I say so.
  • He has been getting scared of loud trucks coming by our house lately.  He usually says "Scared!" and lunges towards me when they come.  Yesterday I told him that instead of getting scared, he should be brave.  So everytime a truck passed by, he said "I'm brave!  I'm brave!"
  • After I got him up from his nap...
    Nate: Daddy! See Daddy!
    Mommy: He's not here.
    Nate: Go see Daddy! In bedroom. Daddy bed.
    Mommy: No, Daddy's not in bed. He's at work.
    Nate: (pause) Hm. I get it.
  • I was growling yesterday morning about being tired and having a headache and Nate waking up too early when Nate started shouting at me "Calm down!  Calm down!!  Calm doooown!!!"  He wasn't wrong, I did need to calm down and him saying that made me laugh so hard it worked.


  1. Hilarious! And even better when I can imagine Nate's little soft voice saying all these things.

  2. I need Nate to come to my house on loan to tell me to calm down!