Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Q and Eventually A

I have realized since Nate got sick that people have a lot of questions that they don't always feel like they can ask.  It's true that I'm generally quite a private person but I feel like it's important that people know about Nate so I'm actually very happy to answer questions.  But, I never know what people are wondering about until they ask.  So I'm opening it up to you to ask me whatever you want about Nate, his condition, our lives, family, etc.  Ask me anything!  Comments on this blog can be anonymous if you so choose.

I'll try to answer your questions in upcoming blog posts.  Now lay it on me.


  1. Does your insurance pay for things like Nate's hospital stays, breathing stuff he needs to lug around, tests, etc?

    How much sleep do you get a night?

    Do you have hobbies you like to do that you actually get to do?

    Do you like visitors who aren't family to visit? Or are visitors stressful?

    If you or Scott are sick, what do you do differently with Nate?

    Do you wish you could have more "you time"?

    Has Nate's condition been a stress in your family or do you think you've grown closer because of it?

    What are your hopes for the future with Nate?

    Have you found your health to decline with the stress of Nate's journey so far?

    Do you ever feel like you just need a vacation from all this? asked for questions... Love you Annie!

  2. What Is Nat's activity level during the day. What is he able to do? What keeps Nat entertained?

  3. Can Nate eat with the trach? How does it work?

  4. why/how is he so stinking cute???!! i mean come on... you are a babe and scott is pretty cute, but natey?!! he is the most adorable, cutest little guys i've ever seen.

  5. I was going to ask how he got so cute too. That was a given though, huh? So instead I'll ask... what's the hardest part of it all? (Too vague?)

  6. what exactly is the trach and what does it do. i don't think i've ever seen one before and i have to admit i just can't figure out how it works

  7. What is his life expectancy? Will he have any progress with motor skills? Or his current condition going to be his forever condition?