Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Saturday

Last Easter, Nate was lying in a hospital bed in a coma.  This year was only slightly better since Nate decided to wake up at 4am and not go back to sleep.  We dyed eggs as soon as Mommy could bear to get out of bed.   And in case you were wondering, I do know he needs a haircut. 
Thumbs up!

He was really into dying the eggs and taking them in and out of the carton once we were done.

Nate got to try out his new-to-us wagon at Grandma's in the afternoon.  It was a hit!
Tommy wanted to join.

And soon everyone wanted a piece of the action.

Then there was an egg hunt and some special candy-less eggs, just for Nate. 

He was also nice enough to pick out some of the good eggs for Mommy and Daddy.  Everyone's happy--I have jellybeans, and Nate has some new cars and stickers.

We love Easter and are grateful for the Gospel that helps us do hard things.

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  1. Way way better than last Easter! Now let's see picture of Mommy in her Easter dress!