Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birthday Report

Nate had a very happy birthday. This is Nate being "happy". When I take a picture now and tell him to smile and be happy, he says "haaaappy" and then the picture looks like this:

We spent most of the day at my parents' house with cousins and aunts and uncles. Nate played marbles and colored at the craft table with Greta and Tommy.

I made Nate a kite cake with birds and trees since he's really into kites and birds and trees.

He's also deathly afraid of open flames so I thought rather than torture him with a candle, he could blow the kites like the wind. He didn't want to blow the kites but he did want to grab them off the cake and play with them.

He got lots of great presents but opening them was a bit of a chore. Nate is really obsessed with opening and closing things, over and over again, and if something gets opened he then wants to have it closed. So after we opened a present he wanted to close it again. Don't worry he's not an idiot, just a little OCD.

The last couple of days have been a breeze for me since he has so many new toys to play with. Next week he gets Party Numero Dos at Grammy and Grandpa Green's. He's pretty 'cited. Lately he's been throwing his arms up and saying "cited!!" like so:

This birthday was really important to Scott and me because there were a lot of times during the last year when we weren't sure if Nate was going to have a 2nd birthday. We are so happy he's still around.


  1. Yay Nate! The cake is cool! I see he got some Curious George stuff? I approve! Glad he made it to two too. (How did you like those triple 2s?) Things will just keep getting better Nate! Enjoy your 2nd 2nd birthday party too!

  2. Wow, Annie, what a great cake! That is really cool looking. I am so glad Nate had a great birthday, sounds like it was tons of fun for him. Have a great birthday this weekend too, Nate! So very glad you get to have two great birthdays after such a tough year. You ROCK!
    Love, Jan

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