Monday, April 30, 2012

The Dreaded Sleep Study

Nate had his first official sleep study last night.  The doctors wanted to get a baseline of how he's doing by turning him into a robot.  It took an hour and a half and a lot of frantic sobbing and yelling for "home" to get him to look like this:

9 leads on the head, 7 on the face, 4 on the legs, 5 on the chest, 1 on the toe. 

As soon as we pulled up to the clinic he was begging for home.  When we got inside he kept saying, "Go in car!  Go home!  In car!"  Scott said, "We can't go in the car."  Nate paused and then replied, "Bike!"  Those little wheels were turning to find us an alternate mode of transportation home.

He did eventually settle down and fall asleep around 11.   George kept him company all night long.

Surprisingly he seemed to sleep better than I did on the pull-out chair next to him. Today we are both so tired we can barely sit up.

The goop left in his hair is not going anywhere soon. 

Only six more months til the next one!


  1. What are they trying to figure out with these sleep studies? I'm considering this one of those "ask whatever questions" if it's rude to ask.

  2. I'm sad for Nate. That is just no fun. Even if they weren't hurting him it is so sad. :(

    I too would like to know what they are trying to find out. This is the first I've heard about him having this.

    I hope he can get back on his beloved bike soon. Love you guys.

    1. Semi-annual sleep studies are pretty standard for trach kids. They measure O2, pulse, CO2, brain activity, and body movements. To me it seems pointless since we can monitor most of that stuff at home, but the doctors really wanted to get a baseline of how he's doing. Depending on the results, we may change his ventilation settings.

  3. hahaha I know it's not funny, but he's just so dang cute!

  4. poor natey!! that must have been sheer tourture annie! i'm so glad it's over for a while! love him!!!