Thursday, April 19, 2012

Back on Bike

Nate's bike is just about the best thing that's ever happened to him.  When he sees it in the morning, he always says, "Hi, Bike!" like it's his long lost best friend.  That is always immediately followed by a combination of "on bike!" "back on!" "ride bike!" "my bike!" and "back on bike!" over and over again until he's on it.  When we can't actually get out and ride it, he still wants to just sit on it in the house.
laundry day
Today's ride was particularly great.  The sun was out and it was a little breezy and Nate had seen at least ten mailboxes and two fire hydrants.  Then all of a sudden he started saying, "Haaaaappy!  Happy!  Happy!" and then he flung his arms out like he was King of the World.  I said, "Nate, are you happy?" and he said, "Yeah!!!!!"  A little while later he told me he was happy again and then did his hot dog dance.  
Any mention of the word "home" while we are on a bike ride illicits aggressive sign language for "more" and shouting "more bike! more more more!!!"  It's hard to say no to this kid.

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  1. Oh what a wonderful and happy post to hear of Nate's joy!!! You sure have a special and delightful son!
    and his parents are pretty swell too :)
    Love, Jan