Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nate's buddies

Getting out of the house is a lot of work for us.  Every time we leave, we have to carry Nate (26 lbs), his ventilator (14 lbs), suction machine (7 lbs), an emergency bag (1.5 lbs), a regular diaper bag (1.5 lbs), and usually an oxygen tank (5 lbs).  That is a grand total of 55 pounds.  When I take him on short bike rides around the neighborhood, I leave a couple of those things behind, but generally I feel like a pack mule anytime we go anywhere.  I almost always have to have another person with me to get him out.  Did I mention we live on the second floor of our apartment building with no elevator?

So we looooove it when people come to visit us!  

Cousin Milo.  You can't tell in this picture I think Milo likes Nate, too.

Cousin Tommy.  They share a love of all things Thomas the Tank Engine.
Hailey!  She comes to play with Nate nearly every week and he thinks she is the bee's knees.
Holland, or "Holla-kid" as she is known around here.  I think Nate has a little crush on her because he always gets really shy when she comes over.
Nate has a lot of other cousins and friends, but these are just the ones I happen to have pictures of.  So don't feel bad if you come over and you're not featured here.  And if you don't come over, you should. 


  1. If we lived closer, we would come visit Nate all the time! The picture of Holla-kid and Nate is SO sweet!

  2. Hey Holla-kid, take off your coat and stay a while. I think the crush is mutual. Let us know when we can come again to draw all over your stuff, lick your bubbles and mix up your letters.

  3. Well I will accept your invitation and come on over sometime!