Friday, January 18, 2013


Nate got to try out an electric wheelchair for the first time last week.  To say he was not thrilled about the idea at first would be an understatement.  There were a lot of protest tears and I was a little worried he wouldn't actually end up trying it out that day.  But, in true Nate form, he came around and by the end of the hour was totally loving it.
It was my first time in a powerchair, too!  To get Nate to warm up, the therapist had me drive a chair and Nate had to chase me.  Turns out those things are not as easy to use as they look!  I'm impressed Nate did as well as he did on his first try.  The joystick he was using wasn't positioned in a great place for him and wasn't sensitive enough for a kid of his strength level.  But he adapted and had a great time traveling around the therapy gym.


We'll have practice sessions like this once a week until the therapist feels comfortable enough to write Nate a prescription for his very own chair.  Then we get to wait for months for paperwork, insurance, hopefully a van, etc. before he'll get the chair.  But we're very excited about the idea of this kind of independence for Nate!

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  1. Yay!!! I have been following you guys and all the adventures the past couple months! So happy to see your doing well and Nate's having the best times of his life! Miss seeing you and hopefully can catch up soon. =0) <3 Gina