Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Last Friday Nate face-planted onto the floor from the potty.  There was a lot of blood, tears, and mommy-guilt.  My foot got caught on his tube when I stood up to get him a wipe and it just launched him right onto the floor.  Oh the horror.  Honestly I'm just glad it wasn't worse.  I thought he'd knocked his teeth out when it first happened.

The next day he proclaimed he was "all better" and was back to the important things in life like riding through the house on a kitchen cart.


  1. Poor little guy!! It's amazing how quick they are to forgive, right?

  2. How sad! One time, after a bath, I wrapped Aisley in a towel with the edges tucked in and sent her to the other room. She face planted on the bathroom floor. It was the worst sound and to goose egg looked horrible. I felt like a terrible mother for pinning her arms down and not being more careful!