Thursday, January 17, 2013


 One of the best parts about Christmas this year was getting to spend so much time with family.   Most of our family already lives close to us, but we also had aunts, uncles, and cousins come into town.  Almost every day was a party.
Lowe family

Uncle Marcus feeding Micah and making a tunnel for Nate, what a multi-tasker

cousin Greta

Cousins Jonah and Carrie came all the way from Texas to watch cartoons with us

Uncles are great for teaching little boys how to play with superheroes (my superheroes always just go to the grocery store)

Cousin Jonah was such a sweet friend to Nate.  He gave him a ton of attention and Nate just loved him.  On this day, they were coloring together and Nate colored his nose red and said he was Rudolph.  Jonah immediately did the same thing. 


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