Saturday, June 30, 2012


Last September, Nate started having regular therapy visits at home.  He had three visits a week--physical therapy (focusing on gross motor development), occupational therapy (hands and arms), and "early intervention" (primarily focusing on cognitive development since he's considered at-risk for cognitive delay).

It was incredibly difficult to get these therapies at home.  We tried outpatient therapies for a little while and they were horrible for so many reasons.  So after a massive battle with our insurance company, we finally got home visits approved.  These visits have been extremely productive.  Nate has gained so many new skills because of his therapists' expertise. 

We got an unexpected call from our therapists' clinic this week saying that they have not been paid at all from our insurance company yet, and our insurance company is now only offering them 1/6 of the agreed-upon fee.  As much as our therapists love Nate, he's not a charity case and they've basically taken a $6000 bath now.  So, you guessed it, they're not coming anymore.  We're so sad.  And confused.  And frustrated with our insurance company.

This is just the beginning of the fight we're going to have to get therapies back, but this stuff can take months.  Nate is sure going to miss his friends!  Thankfully the early interventionist will still be coming since those visits are paid for by a state agency. 

Nate and his OT

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  1. This sounds terribly frustrating!! I hope you are able to get it all worked out. Little Nate is the cutest little boy!