Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Yesterday was Nate's first trip to the ever-dreaded dentist.  There were a few moments of calm...

...but mostly the morning went like this:

Nate has developed a sixth sense for knowing when he's in a place where people are going to be bugging him.  Often he panics before we even get there.  Nate saw right through the facade of "child-friendly" dental office and cried and cried the whole time.  Poor kid.

We knew Nate was having some issues with his teeth because they were starting to turn a lovely shade of grayish-green.  We learned from the dentist that not eating by mouth causes the teeth to get more build-up, but it also makes the likelihood of cavities very low.  Turns out all Nate needed was a good cleaning to get the stains off and now his teeth are pearly white again. 

The cleaning did not go down without a fight though--for a kid with a disease that makes his muscles weak, he is really, really hard to pin down!  I laid back in the chair with him on my lap and tried my best to keep him still while the dentist worked on him.  He fought and and thrashed until he was so worn out he couldn't move his head or arms anymore.  That's when he started to try to use his tongue to keep the the dentist away.  Everytime that dentist put the cleaning tool in his mouth we would see his tongue start trying to push the tool back out.  He's a fighter.

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  1. We're trying this tomorrow morning. Do you think Tommy will be dazzled by the TV and balloons? or will he take a page from Nate's playbook and tongue duel with the dentist?