Sunday, June 24, 2012

Funny Face

Sorry KC
I've been perfecting the art of the funny face for many years now.  A few weeks ago, I decided Nate was old enough to start working on his own funny faces so we made a few in the mirror together. 

He seemed to have forgotten all about it until the other day when all of a sudden he said "funny face!!" and broke out in a long series of weird expressions.  He has now decided on one funny face that he likes best and he'll make it anytime you ask for it.

He thinks he's hilarious when he does this.  And he kind of is.


  1. It made me laugh when I saw it. It IS hilarious! and I had forgotten all about your stellar ability to make a funny face.

  2. I had definitely NOT forgotten about your funny face skills. Nate definitely inherited your funny face genes. (Although to be fair, I've never seen Scott's.) However, this isn't my best work though. Give me another chance. And what is going on with my bangs?

    1. All the pictures of us from this series are downright embarassing. But there are some real gems from you.

  3. Haha love the picture with KC, and seriously impressed with nate's skills.