Friday, June 8, 2012

Little League

Last night we took Nate to Cousin Sam's last little league game of the season.  Like the responsible parents we are, we packed ourselves a full picnic dinner and forgot to bring anything warm for Nate (in our defense it was nearing 90 degrees in our apartment when we left).  It was freezing and windy at the ballgame, but Nate borrowed Sam's sweatshirt and spent a lot of time looking for his hands every time they disappeared under the sleeves. 

Nate's interest in the game was fleeting but he enjoyed seeing Grandpa and his cousins and spotting airplanes.  The highlight was Scott taking him down the slide for the first time since he got his trach.  We disconnected his vent, hurried and took him down the slide, gave him a few breaths on the vent, and then did it again.  He normally doesn't like being off the vent but I think it was totally worth it to him this time.  Sorry no pictures, I was too busy making sure the alarms on the vent didn't go off while he was disconnected.

Nate hugging "Big Charlie" as he decided to call him last night