Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nate has some sensory processing issues and you never know what's going to set him off.  Last year, it was Christmas lights.  We knew this was going to be a problem since they are kind of unavoidable during the month of December.  So Scott decided to try a little immersion therapy.  You can see how well it went. (Nate did eventually overcome his fear of Christmas lights and we were all able to enjoy the season).
This year Nate is so ready for Christmas to start.  The end of Halloween was a huge blow for him and it was really hard to get him excited about Thanksgiving (maybe because he doesn't eat?).  So we may or may not have been getting a jump start on Christmas celebrations during the last two weeks. 
He is already so excited for Santa to come and he knows exactly what he wants Santa to bring: more airplanes.  I just got him a couple of new Christmas books, one about Santa and one of the Nativity.  He likes both books but hasn't grasped the meaning of the Christmas Story yet.  The other day we were reading the Nativity book and he started scratching at the picture of baby Jesus.  I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I tickling baby Jesus!". 

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  1. These photos crack me up. I'm glad Nate is excited for Christmas. I hope Santa is very, very good to him! ;)