Sunday, November 25, 2012


Nate is an obsessive kid but he has never been obsessed with something for so long and with such ferocity as he is with airplanes.  The first thing Nate asks for every morning is his airplanes, and then he plays with them and talks about them all day long.  He makes them fly all around the world and rattles off fun facts about how many engines or propellers each one has. 
This is Nate's prized possession--a DC-9.  It used to be called "airplane blue wheels" until Grandpa Green set us straight.  Nate probably has seven or eight different airplanes, not including the ones he pilfered from Grandma Lowe's house, but for some reason the DC-9 reigns supreme. 

Our friends the Shoemakers caught wind of Nate's love for airplanes and very kindly invited us to go see their small plane at the Palo Alto airport last week.  This was probably the highlight of Nate's entire life up this point.  In fact, I'm not sure it will ever be surpassed.

He got to sit in the cockpit and push buttons, sit on the wing, and spin the propeller.  All the while, planes and helicopters were taking off and landing right next to us.  He was in aviation heaven.

sitting on the wing

Sophie and Max, our gracious hosts
Thanks for showing us around the Bonanza, Shoemakers!  It was such a treat.


  1. You know the Shoemakers? I have a feeling we know a lot of the same people:) So glad Nate could have fun in the airplane and I really like that he loves planes so, so much:)

  2. There is nothing that makes me happier than buying Nate another airplane, & I'm pretty sure the loan of the black helicopter today is now a gift. Move over, DC-9!

    Hooray for the Shoemakers for inviting him to the airport - what a fun day!

  3. So glad Nate got to see the airplanes! Come to the airport anytime. :)