Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Day

There was a lot of build-up to Halloween this year at our house.  We read Halloween books, did Halloween crafts, made a costume, and decorated the house, but I don't think Nate realized all of this fun culminated in one amazing Halloween Day. 
First we went trick-or-treating downtown Los Altos with some friends.  I think Nate mostly liked seeing the "Halloween windows" and other kids in costume, but I made him trick-or-treat a little since we had no candy at home.  This picture makes it look like no one had any fun at all, but I promise everyone had a good time.
When Dad got home from work, we had pumpkin sloppy joes and carved Nate's jack-o-lantern.  Nate was very specific as to how his pumpkin should be carved.  He wanted it to look like the "worried" jack-o-lantern in one of his books. 
So three carved-out circles later, Worried Will was born.

Here is Nate's best impression of Worried Will looking worried.
We made one final trick-or-treat stop at Grandma and Grandpa's to show off his costume and say hi to cousins.
Happy Halloween!

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