Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Last week Nate got a new standing frame.  It's a fabulous contraption that straps you around in so many places that even a kid with zero leg muscles like Nate can stand in it.  He protested the thing pretty hard in the beginning but he's warmed up to it to some degree.  
Once I told him he had to use it so that he would get stronger.  After he got out, he threw his hands up in the air and proclaimed, "I'm strong now!"

What Nate really likes to do is "stand" on the couch.  We taught him how to get off the couch all by himself but he prefers to just stop midway and stand for awhile.


  1. Go Nate! Are you expecting that he'll be able to walk in the coming years?

  2. Sadly no, part of his disease is having extreme weakness from the waist down. I've never heard of a SMARD kid who could stand, let alone walk. But he'll be cruising around in a power wheelchair before too long!

  3. These photos made me feel so so so happy! I love to see him standing!!

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