Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Birthday Report

Nate's birthday was a highly anticipated event this year.  He started talking about it months ago and I'm happy to report it did not disappoint.  We didn't do anything huge for it but we did have three mini-parties, which is way better since the fun was spread out over three days. 
When we first started asking Nate what kind of birthday he wanted, he'd tell us something different every time.  I thought for awhile we were going to have an airplane-train-George-dinosaur-construction party but after awhile he got really stuck on the idea of a dinosaur party.  You'll notice he's wearing the same dinosaur shirt in every picture over the course of three days.

Saturday we went to the Greens and Nate got to sit in his special "birthday chair" while he helped make dinner.  Nate was very eager to get through dinner so we could sing Happy Birthday and open presents. 

He had so much fun opening presents but he doesn't really get the idea of opening presents one after another.  He just wants to open up the thing he just got and play with it (maybe he gets that from me, I feel so uncomfortable opening up more than one gift in a row!).

Sunday was of course Easter so we celebrated that at my parents' and had a little party there for Nate, too.  I made a cake and some dinosaur decorations which Nate loved.  You should hear him say the names of all the dinosaurs, it's hilarious.

He sat at the table for awhile like the big kid he is now, just chatting and throwing a grape back and forth with my grandma.

Cousins pulled him around in the wagon and he couldn't stop smiling.

We sat him on top of the table to do cake and presents so he'd have some room and so people could actually see him.  By the end he was just sitting on the table in a heap of wrapping paper and gifts.

Monday was his real birthday and he was so excited to finally be three.  He knew he wasn't actually three until April 1st, the day after Easter.  If you asked him how old he was on Sunday he said two, but on Monday he knew it was his real birthday and he was finally, legitimately three. 
I didn't feel like we needed another cake but thankfully Katie Bennion had brought over some brownies the night before so we had something to stick candles in (thanks, Katie!!).  Nate looooved being sung to and blowing out candles. 

Our gift to him was a dinosaur book which may have been a mistake since I spent half the day today trying to pronounce really long and insanely spelled dinosaur names.

Nate loved blowing out candles and being sung to so much that he stuck the candles back in his "cake", pretended to light them with the used match, and demanded that we sing to him again.  And since he's the greatest child in the universe we did it and it made him so happy.

I think he felt very loved this weekend, which is the most important thing to me, but as a bonus he got tons of awesome gifts that he has been having so much fun with.  Happy birthday to the sweetest kid on the block.


  1. Happy Birthday Nate!!!! So glad you had an awesome birthday. You always make me smile and laugh! =0)

  2. How much do I love Nate? Enough to see him almost every day and still want to read his blogs and look at pictures of him every night. It's kind of hero-worship of the whole Green family.

    I was so happy that he was over his fear of fire this year and wanted candles on his cake. He is one of the great ones, for sure!

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