Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Nate continues to delight us with his constant yapping.  Some recent gems:
  • "You have an orange arm."
  • "You have sprinkles on your face!" (he was talking about my freckles)
  • "Potty makes you happy.  Diaper makes you sad."
  • "Are you gonna get baptized, Nate?"   "Yeah, at the baptized store!!"
  • "What are you gonna do for you birthday?"   "Get three!!!"
  • "Iron Man doesn't wear a bra." (don't ask)
And things he says all day, every day...

"Let's do it to it!"
"That so crazy!"
"That's too silly."
"That's a really cool ______." (car, banana, shirt, etc.)
"Geez, Louise!!"

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