Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Passenger Train

One day last month, Nate woke up from his nap and right away told me he wanted to go on a passenger train.  I found this to be a rather unusual and specific request for barely having his eyes open, but it sounded like a good time and my mom said she could come with us so we decided to give it a shot. 

We took Caltrain from Mountain View to San Carlos and back again.  Nate was so excited waiting for the train to come at the station.  He just kept saying, "Why's it not here yet?!"  As the train pulled in, he got this look of pure astonishment on his face, dropped his jaw, and said "Woooooooooah.  Wooooooooooooooah."

Initially I had planned to only go as far as Palo Alto so we could have somewhere nice to walk around for awhile before we headed back but he was adamant that he was not ready to get off so soon.  I think he'd have gone all the way to San Francisco if we'd let him. 

Some things we heard during and after the ride:

The passenger train was fun!
I love this train!
This is not a freight train.
It's a conductor!  He talked to me.
It's going too slow! (He did not care for the stops we had to make).
This train is so fast!
I like train rides.

Scott was jealous of all the fun so we went again that Saturday.  Nate talked about the train every day for weeks.  It makes me so happy to see him enjoying life and having new experiences.  I think every parent feels that way but there is something very meaningful to me about Nate being able to do things like this in spite of his challenges.  He's still just a regular little boy who loves passenger trains.