Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Nate is a pretty happy and easygoing kid but he is not one to leap into anything unfamiliar.  I think he's earned the right to be cautious after all he's been through in his life, but I still insist that he gives new things a shot.  I've learned that if you give him an equal amount of patience and pushing, he'll come around eventually.

Swimming was not an instant hit this year.  I think we took him at least three times before he stopped throwing tantrums at the mention of the word "pool".  We started by just sunbathing beside the pool.  Then we dipped our feet in the water while Nate shouted orders to Daddy to swim like a hippo, giraffe, or a starfish (very little difference in technique, if you're wondering). 

Eventually Nate was comfortable enough (and the weather was hot enough) for him to want to get in the water.  Now swimming is his favorite thing to do and he'd go everyday if we could. 

By the way, I realized right after this that he was saying he saw a "three", not a tree.  He was pointing out the number 3 on the depth marker in the pool!  Isn't he clever?!

Some people have asked me how he can go swimming with the trach.  Basically we just have to be careful that the upper part of his tube and his neck stay dry.  Lately we've been taking more risks in exchange for better quality of life, and so far I think it's worth it.  But if you happen to run into his pulmonologist, none of this ever happened.



  1. Sweet shades, Nate!! Annie, I think your decision to take a few risks to let him experience life a little more is great. You guys are such great parents.