Monday, July 16, 2012

BYU vs SJSU Tickets Still Available

Tickets to the game are still available!  For those who were waiting for the code, we got it today.  Now you can get your tickets online here OR you can put a call in to Kevin at 408-924-1245 to avoid convenience fees.

There are still great seats available, but the game is on track to sell out by September so don't wait to get your tickets.  If you haven't already visited our Facebook page, "like" it and share with your Bay Area friends!

*To clarify how the seating works, General Admission is on a first come-first serve basis. Meaning, there is no guaranteed seat for you if you have that ticket. We have been told that this game in particular will be very difficult to find and keep a good seat since it will be a sell-out.

Our recommendation is to get Reserved tickets ($33) so that everyone in your group can sit together and if you show up 5 minutes before kick-off, you will have a seat waiting for you.* 

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