Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Yes, It Con Get Better

"It's a celebration of everything awesome." This was Nate's explanation of what Comic Con was when asked by his great-grandma.

He's not wrong. I've wanted to attend Comic Con since I was a teenager but by the time I could afford the time and money to go, it had exploded in popularity and I had given up on being able to get tickets. When we did get the chance to go this summer, I was a little nervous about how it would all go down. I knew the crowds would get to Nate and Annie had made it clear she probably wouldn't love it. To our collective delight, we all loved the experience. It really did have everything that Nate thinks is awesome.

As we've seen in past posts Nate has met several Transformers but he had never seen a full-size replica. Unfortunately, he wasn't impressed. He was very worried about how the franchise could continue in the chaotic, inconsistent universe that Michael Bay created in previous....no, I'm kidding. He thought it was awesome.  And he was right.

I got to become an action figure. And my action figure comes with the Infinity Gauntlet. I'll have to open up my notebook of grievances to see who I would snap out of existence.  First on my list, whoever invented jogging. 

Is there anything better than a picture of these two people? This is a picture from the hotel we stayed at. One of the great things about this hotel was that everyone from Magic Wheelchair was staying here and there were roughly 20,000 of them so we always knew we would run into a friendly face when we left our room.

Nate isn't the Pokemon fanatic he was a couple of years ago. I mean, he consumed every bit of Pokemon media that had been created over the last 20 years in about 2 months so the crash was inevitable. But he still likes it and how can you beat seeing a giant Pokemon built out of legos (actually Mega Bloks).

As if San Diego itself wanted to make the trip even more special for us, we happened to catch a fireworks display from our hotel. The fireworks seemed to be coming from Nate's other favorite thing to do in San Diego (Comic Con being first) the aircraft carrier Midway. It was a double threat of enjoyment. Though I did have to hold Nate like this for the duration of the show. R.I.P. my back.

Wearing a Star Wars shirt? Check
Taking a picture with a rebel pilot and Stormtrooper? Check
Excitement turned up to 11? Check
Nothing more needs to be said.

Oh, and we got to sit in a replica of the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon that used actual parts from the film set. I mean, I think the picture tells the story. Nate is super happy, I am in stunned joy and Annie is asking what episode of Star Trek this is from.

Nate LOVES super heroes right now. He's always kind of liked them but right now he is INTO them. He's been reading all of the old comics and will periodically yell at me from where ever he is something like "DAD! HAWKEYE JUST SHOT A BOMB ARROW" or "DAD, DAD, DAD, THIS IS MODOK'S FIRST APPEARANCE".  It's delightful.

The other day we were in a line for something and Nate turned to us and said "Those two kids keep staring at me".  I'm never totally sure how to respond to this. Do I brush it off like it's not big deal, do I tell him that they probably don't see someone with a tube in their throat very often or that they are curious? As I thought about the best way to respond, Nate then said, "They probably know I have SMARD and think it's awesome".  And all I could say was "Keep being you Nate".

One great thing about Comic Con is we DIDN'T feel like people stared at Nate like he was weird or different. Most people just seemed to get joy from seeing someone like Nate out and enjoying the same things as everyone else.


  1. This is wonderful, simply wonderful. I met you all, Nate included, at the hotel and Comic-Con. I was the red head who sat down and talked with Annie before the pizza came out. I was so touched by how loving your family is, and I am so happy that the experience was a good one for you all.

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