Saturday, April 16, 2016

the BEACH!

I had this conversation with Nate today:

Nate: Dad!  We should build a robot Loch Ness monster
Me: I don't know if we could manage that Nate.
Nate: We could build it like they do in Jurassic Park.
Me: You want to make a Loch Ness monster like they made dinosaurs in Jurassic Park?
Nate: Yeah!
Me: Well, they can't really make dinosaurs like...
Nate: Yeah - scientists can make dinosaurs with dinosaur DNA but it doesn't work because the DNA is too old.  But if the Loch Ness monster is a Plesiosaurus then its DNA wouldn't be too old and we could make another one.
Me: ...Who are you?

This is Nate.  This all started because we were at the beach today.  A sort of redo from our fun yet failed attempt at doing the beach thing about a month ago. We went to the beach to walk along the nice paved path that overlooks the beach.  It's a nice walk and allows Nate the ability to drive his power chair along the beach.  But soon walking above the beach wasn't enough.  We wanted to get down in the sand. 

It dawned on me that Nate hasn't actually been on a beach since he was about 3.  He is six now.

I hauled him down and set him down. I showed him how beach sand clumps and can make shapes  and it was like a revelation to him. He began furiously piling sand up to make a mound with a look of pure joy on his face. He's been in sandboxes but beach sand is different, stickier, and endless. 

We decided to stay.  I went back up the small bluff where we had left his chair and equipment.  But when I came back down I came back to a soaking Nate and Annie. I'll let Nate tell you about it in the vlog he was dying to make.

By the way, this video is all Nate.  Which is why it's title "bread".  He thought it was hilarious.

Rookie mistake.  We hadn't planned on staying when I initially set Nate down so we didn't think much of how close we were, until the ocean was upon us...or them.  I was nice and dry.  Nate wasn't phased though.  He did not want to leave.  Annie went back to get the car from the other parking lot and I took Nate's pants off and zipped his (apparently waterproof) pleather jacket around his waste. 

Annie made it back with the van but there was nowhere to park so she had to wait in the parking lot.  So, I wrapped the vent, his emergency bag and his suction around my shoulders, grabbed Nate in my arms and lifted.  Then I climbed up the sandy, slippery bluff to the parking lot.  The ONLY ever time I remember being that exhausted was the first time I watched Gilmore Girls with Annie (why do they talk so fast). 

Despite how uncomfortable and crazy it all was we had fun and Nate loved the experience.

So this time we were prepared.  First thing we did was get a beach wheelchair from the park. These things exist and they are awesome.  Nate wasn't sure how he felt about it until he was in it but then he didn't want to admit he liked it so he tried to suppress his smile and scowled until he forgot he was trying to be obstinate about five seconds in.

This is a picture of Nate's body betraying his true feelings about the chair. He is not pleased with his thumb's insolence.

Still not quite on board with the chair. Fighting it!

Finally forgot he was supposed to be hating it. 

Next, a friendly couple let Nate use their kite.  The beach!  Kites!

Next, I dug a big hole and buried Nate in it.  Nate was NOT happy about it.  I know, I know.  He looks happy in it but it's only because I told him he couldn't come out until he acted like he was enjoying it.  In a year the memory of him hating it will fade and this will be the only evidence and it will prove he loved it and I win. Ahhh, fake memories.

We also found a hermit crab.  Nate was wary at first but eventually he was into it.  He even started picking it up.  And he even named it, Mr. Hermit. As creative as Nate can be, he's terrible at naming things.

The next game and by far the most exhausting thing I've ever done was to play run away from the waves.  Nate thought it was the best thing ever.  It erased all memory of him hating being put in a sand hole.  All going according to my plan.

The best part about the video?  The fact that Nate looks like a muppet while we're running.

Great day at the beach.