Sunday, July 12, 2015

Real Tools Don't Talk.

Nate watching a new show called Handy Manny and then finding a big pile of scrap wood at grandma's house is a bad combination.  A couple of weeks back Nate discovered a show all about talking tools and building projects that lead to hilarity and moral lessons learned.  So imagine his pure joy when he discovered that grandma and grandpa had a recently torn up floor and plenty of spare wood.
Nate's plan:  build a secret hideout. 
It didn't take Nate very long to learn that building a fort wasn't as glamorous as that poser Handy Manny made it out to be.  Our tools didn't even talk once and the project mostly consisted of me cutting wood and Nate watching, wondering why his fort hadn't materialized yet.
It also didn't help that grandma's backyard was mysteriously transported to the surface of the sun that day.
A wheelchair makes for a great wheelbarrow replacement!

 I don't know if he was aiming for my fingers on purpose......
After an hour and half or so we had the wood cut and a frame made.  We haven't finished the walls or the roof yet but Nate has already spent some time in it.  And although Nate insisted we have a no girls allowed sign, he reassured us that it was only and affection and he would take it down any time any of his girl cousins were around.  

Nate's gotten to the age where he likes doing things for himself.  As you can imagine, that category is a little more limited than a kid who doesn't have SMARD but it's also a wonderful thing to see in him and we encourage it.

The other day at the park he was on top of a little structure that has shallow enough steps to allow him to clamber up them. Then suddenly, Nate was at the bottom of the slide.

The crazy kid climbed up to the top of the structure, turned himself around and pushed himself down.  He was so proud.  I love being his dad. Well, except from the hours of 1:00 AM - 4:00 AM last night.   Did not love it so much then.

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