Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Graduated Preschool - Next Step College

It happened.  It finally happened, the beginning of the end.  Nate has finally become an adult or at least it feels like he will be sometime next week.  How is he growing so fast?  Nathaniel graduated from preschool last week. 

Nate starts kindergarten in 2 months.  2!  As in, less then 2 1/2 but more than 1 1/2.  How on Earth can someone so little be expected to go to school for 5-6 hours a day?  It's nuts.  But that's what's going to happen, despite my hunger strike.  While I am being a bit dramatic with the whole Nate growing up too fast thing, things are changing in a big way at the end of the summer. 

Nate will spend more time at school than with me.  We're going to have to leave him with a nurse we've never met and entrust her with Nate's life.   He's also getting older and bigger and simple things are going to get much harder.  This feels like the beginning of an uncharted phase.  I find this to be frightening, more frightening then The Ring even.  And The Ring scared me so much I had to put Newsies on a continuous loop for 3 days until I could sleep again.

Nate had a great time in preschool though.  His first year was a bit rough.  He had trouble with the noise and chaos and never really took to interacting much with other kids.  It's hard to do when you can only sit and watch.

Thankfully, this year Nate became really engaged and had a lot fun....sometimes too much fun.  He takes after his Dad in that he is nearly perfect except for the tragic flaw of always needing everyone to hear what he is saying and not caring one whit for the educational convention of raising one's hand before doing so. 

While Tiny Tots may have had a rough start it had the perfect ending.  Nate received his diploma, took it home and opened it up.  I don't know what he was supposed to receive but what he ended up getting was a piece of paper that said the name "Kurt" over and over again.

Nate loves practical jokes and thought this was hilarious. For someone who calls himself the master of mischief, it was the perfect diploma and a perfect end to preschool.

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