Monday, May 12, 2014

It was MOTHERSDAY!!!!!!!!

Nate was totally psyched for Mothers Day.  The whole day started off with not one but TWO batches of waffles!  One batch was entirely uncookable much less edible (to this day Annie thinks I'm more capable in the kitchen then I am despite the overwhelming yearly proof.)

Nate was all about Mom and even got to sit up on the stand at church and sing with the primary kids.  He gleefully hung over the railing and announced how high he was.

Nate loves his Mom and how could he not?


Also Nate had his Spring Sing a couple of weeks ago.  His Tiny Tots class has been practicing songs all year and Nate had the chance to strut his stuff.  The chair was a bit small for him to be able to balance on but he pushed through, with some great help, and gave a "The Voice" worthy performance.  Which isn't saying much this season, amIright?


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  1. I never leave Natie-notes, but I still look for new blogs every few weeks. As often as I see Nate, I still love to see photos of what he's done. Blog on, please!