Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nathaniel's Birthday

For the longest time, at least starting in college, I didn't see much point in celebrating birthdays.  All it says is that, through very little effort of my own, I was able to not die for another year.  In fact one year I forgot altogether it was my birthday until my mom called me.
Well, for Nate each year means something.  We came so close to losing him on several occasions and each passing year is not only a celebration of Nate's continued existence on Earth but of our gratefulness for what he brings to us each day.
And Nate's birthday couldn't have come at a better time.  Annie and I have been completely ignoring him as we've tried to get everything moved into or new apartment so it was a good excuse to stop everything and spend the day with Nate.
This meant doing whatever Nate wanted and what he wanted was the Children's Discovery Museum.  Nate had a lot of fun and was able to participate in a lot of the activities. 
He did the bubble pull and was able to hoist the sheet of bubble out all by himself.  Of course by the time I thought to film it has was pretty well spent but I was pretty impressed with his ability to pull up the thing hand-over-hand.


And boy did Nate love Waterworld, and by that I DO mean the great Kevin Costner classic.  On a more related note, Nate loved the waterworld area of the CDM.  He got pretty good at throwing balls into the whirlpools.


 We ended the night with Transformer cupcakes and some presents.  Nate's ability to pull levers, throw balls and crank wheels were not the only feats of strength performed that day, he was even able to blow the fire on his candles.  He couldn't blow them out but he definitely made the flames move.

All said and done, it was a great success and probably his best birthday.  If you asked Nate what his favorite part was he would probably tell you the hollowed out Fire Truck at the museum....or the hollowed out ambulance.....or the bones of a Mammoth......or being sung to at Tiny was hard for him to choose and it changed moment to moment.
I'd say that's a good B-day.


  1. Scott, you are a funny guy! Nate's birthdays are indeed Happy as well as full of relief and gratitude. What would we do without Natie?

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