Thursday, January 16, 2014

Let's Talk About Christmas

Annie and I were very excited for Christmas this year since it was the first year that Nate was really going to be aware of everything and be excited for it.  Almost as soon as he discovered Transformers he knew what he wanted from Santa this year and it never deviated, Optimus Prime.
It was great fun to see Nathaniel participate in traditions that I had as a kid, not to mention how much fun he had with uncles, aunts and cousins, which he saw lots of.
This was Nate and Callie making Candy Cane cookies to put out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

It was delightful to seem him with a Christmas wish but Annie and I also wanted to make sure Nate understood what Christmas was really about.  So, we mixed up the traditional Christmas activities with food donations, hospital visits and a book drive for kids in the hospital. We told him he was helping the kids that need help.  I think we can safely say that Nate was just as excited about the Nativity story as he was Santa.  This made his role as one of the wise men on Christmas Eve particularly exciting for him. 

He could not wait to get in his wise man costume, which he picked out himself.

Maybe one of these days the secret film of the Green family Nativity will see the light of day.

The 3 wise men.  Uncle Marcus probably changed his costume about 6 times that night....what a diva.

Pajamas on Christmas Eve.  Nate finally is able to make sure his love of construction vehicles follows him to bed now with his construction vehicle jammies.

"Hmmmm, do I like what's happening"

Is it just me or does Nate's left arm look really tan?

Christmas morning finally arrived and Santa brought Nate an endless supply of Transformers.

And then Nathaniel saw it under Grammy and Grandpa's Christmas Tree.  Optimus Prime!

Optimus Prime reaction shot.

Nate loved Christmas, received Optimus Prime (which he played with for 6 days straight) and was able to experience giving to those who are in need this season. And in his nightly prayers he still prays for Heavenly Father to bless the kids who need help.

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