Saturday, December 14, 2013

Guess who Nate got to meet yesterday?

Last year Nate met Santa but he was a bit overwhelmed.  He didn't cry but he did not want to get closer.

This year Nate was very excited to meet him and tell him about how much he wanted Optimus Prime for Christmas.  I think he was a bit in shock about meeting Santa.  He looked like he was star stuck the whole time but he was definitely happy about it.

As a reward for meeting the big guy Nate and Callie got candy canes which they were apparently very proud of.

Nathaniel has been getting more and more anxious about doing things lately.  We are not sure why but it's getting harder and harder for him to leave his very small comfort zone and I was pretty sure he would have at least a mildly negative reaction to Santa once he got close but it was a Christmas miracle.

I think it helped that Nate had the support of his cousins Callie, Samantha and Micah.  Callie and Nate were headbutting and punching each other before hand to psyche each other up. 

I am not joking. They were literally bonking their foreheads together and laughing and then punching each other in the stomachs.  Although by the time we got a picture they had calmed it down a bit.  It was kind of delightful.

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