Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Smardy Duo

*The Smardy Duo has already sold out but will be restocked mid-September,
so stay tuned!*

A few months ago, my sister mentioned to me that she had a coworker at Red Cross who had heard about Nate and wanted to do something to help.  Her coworker owns a nail polish business on the side and decided to create a couple of custom colors in Nate's honor.

I thought it was an awesome idea, but it wasn't until I checked out her Instagram that I realized how amazing this girl really is.  Over 16,000 followers?!  She is the real deal in the nail polish biz!  Polished by KPT sells out regularly since their colors are amazing and all of the polishes are handcrafted, custom blended, cruelty-free, and free of the big 3 nasty chemicals that usually go into polishes.  So I feel especially cool that she has just introduced these new colors just for Nate!

The first color is called Bleu Cruiser and represents Nate cruising through his battle with SMARD.  Blue is also Nate's favorite color. :)

The next color is Glowing Smardy, which represents hope in a dark place.  This stuff glows in the dark and I LOVE it!

They are priced at $9-10 a bottle and 50% of the proceeds will go straight to Nate's fund at the DCipher Group to be used for medical expenses, therapy equipment, and donations to SMARD research.

Polishes can be ordered here.  Get some for yourself and everyone you know!  Christmas is coming soon, right? :) 

You can also help by spreading the word about these polishes on your Facebook, blog, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever the kids are using these days to tell people to about awesome stuff.

HUGE thanks are in order for KPT herself, too!  Be sure to check out her other polishes while you're shopping her site!

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