Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gilbert & Graham

Nate has taken a cue from his dad this year and really embraced Halloween.  Pumpkins, witches, and especially ghosts are a very big deal at our house this year.  I can't remember how he got here, but there is a ghost in our house named Gilbert (who happens to look a lot like a burp cloth).  Nate flies him around all day and makes him say "oooooooooo" and "boo!". 

Graham the Ghost came to our house one day when we were playing in Nate's room.  Nate asked for Gilbert so I reached into the dresser drawer and pulled out a burp cloth.  He was not fooled, he knew the real Gilbert was out in the living room on the couch.  So I told him this ghost was Gilbert's brother Graham, which seemed to satisfy him, and now there are two ghosts making mischief at our house.


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  1. I asked him yesterday if I could use Gilbert to catch drips from the nebulizer, and got the 'what-are-you-thinking?' look. He's very protective of his ghosts.