Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Because Nate is not able to move around and explore his environment like other kids his age, he is considered at-risk for cognitive delay.  So, for the last year an "Early Interventionist" has come to our house once a week to play with Nate and teach him the ways of the world.  Her name is Feng and she is Nate's favorite "teacher". 
It has been fabulous having Feng come to our house, but we have decided it is time for Nate to venture out to her clinic to prepare for preschool (which he'll likely start in six months).  Nate is the only kid at the clinic while he's there. 
We call it "school" and Nate thinks it is the greatest thing that has ever happened to him.  There are so many toys and books Nate has never seen before.  There is therapy equipment that he actually enjoys using.  His favorites are the scooter board "airplane" and the "merry-go-round".
The "merry-go-round"
Puzzle time
Story time

Happy camper
As much as I hate having to get him out of the house and take him to school, it is totally worth it to see how much he loves it. 


  1. OK, I could post a Natey Note every time you blog, but that would be kind of wierd. I'm his grandma! I see him every day. If you don't get lots of comments with every blog -- well, how many ways can people say, "He's so cute!" He is so-o-o cute!

  2. I love this. Before long, he will be begging to be at school by himself:) Just like Lucy, it will grow on you (only because they love it soooooo much!)